The 20th Enrico Belen Memorial Lecture
June 19, 2022
9:00 AM
Platform: Zoom Webinar
Webinar Fee:
Student – Php150
Member – Php200
Faculty – Php250
Non-member – Php300
Inductees – Php3,500

By: Dr. Binit Shrestha


Facial defects can be congenital or acquired due to trauma or tumor resections. Surgical reconstruction of facial defects is a challenging task, and often requires a multi-disciplinary treatment approach. Moreover, it may not be indicated in all scenarios due to the type of defect, patient’s underlying health conditions, or treatment related side-effects. In such cases, silicone facial prosthesis can serve as a good alternative treatment. Prosthodontists are in an ideal position to provide this treatment. With careful planning and implementation, the final outcome can be predictable with satisfactory aesthetic results. Various classes of adhesives, frameworks, and craniofacial implants can also be utilized to fulfill the retentive requirement of the patient. This lecture provides important clinical and technical considerations required during the treatment planning and fabrication of silicone facial prosthesis. A review of the fabrication methods, retentive components, and design principles will also be carried out with several case reports.